Blood Bowl 2020 Results

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Team showcase

Scheduled for Saturday 16th November 7:30 at 9 Holly Grove, Menstrie, FK11 7DR

Coaches meet each other, old teams redraft, final rosters for teams submitted, going over of league rules.


East Blood Bowl Conference (EBBC)

  • The Grudge Bearers, Dwarves, Graeme
  • Waagh!ngton Greenskins, Orcs, Kevin
  • Cheezburgh Stealers, Skaven, Richard

West Blood Bowl Conference (WBBC)

  • Dallas Uruk Hai, Orcs, John
  • The Grid Iron Throne, Dark Elves, Stephen
  • Awesome Wanderers, Wood Elves, Alan


Round 1: Before 29th February 2020

Grudge Bearers 2 Vs Cheezburgh Stealers 1

Waaa!ngton Greenskins BYE

The Gridiron Throne 0 Vs Dallas Uruk-hai 1

Awesome Wanderers BYE

Round 2: Before 30th April 2020

Cheezeburgh Stealers 4 vs Waaagh!ton Greenskins 2

Grudge Bearers BYE

Dallas Uruk-hai 1 Vs Awesome Wanderers 0

The Gridiron Throne BYE

Round 3: Before 30th June 2020

Waaagh!ton Greenskins 1 vs Grudge Bearers 1

Cheezeburgh Stealers BYE

Gridiron Throne 1 Vs Awesome Wanderers 0

Dallas Urukhai BYE

Round 4: Before 31st August 2020

Semi Finals

Grudge Bearers 1 vs The Gridiron Throne 0

Dallas Urukhai 2 vs Cheezeburgh Stealers 1 (after extra time)

Overtime rules apply if game is tied after 16 turns

Slaughterfest 2020 The Grudge Bearers vs Dallas Urukhai Before 30th October 2020

Overtime rules apply if game is tied after 16 turns

Note – you don’t have to wait until after February to play your 2nd game if your opponent is up to date with their games….

“Friendly games”

You can you arrange your own extra games with teams if you wish (even those outwith your conference the entire league). Both teams need to agree beforehand whether they are playing for keeps (spp and injuries gained during the match are kept) or carebear (where spp and injuries gained during the match are not kept, and players missing for the next match still have to miss another match). If you decide to play for keeps fill out the form above to inform me of any changes to your team. I don’t need to know (or indeed want to know) if you play carebear – you pathetic worms!

Keeps games have the same rules as a normal game except:

  • 1) There is no MVP awarded after a Friendly,
  • 2) League points are not awarded after a Friendly, and
  • 3) In a Friendly, the roll to determine the team’s Winnings uses a D3, not a D6

League Tables

Grudge Bearers421 – 0 – 13 : 2 +13 : 1
Cheezburgh Stealers321 – 1 – 05 : 4 +11 : 3
Waaagh!ton Greenskins 120 – 1 – 13 : 5 -20 : 0

Dallas Uruk-hai 422 – 0 – 02 : 0 +21 : 1
The Gridiron Throne321 – 1 – 01 : 1 01 : 1
Awesome Wanderers000 – 2 – 00 : 2 -20 : 0

3 points for a win, 1 point for a draw. Ties decided by TD difference; Casualties Inflicted, TD scored, TD conceded , Casualties suffered, Head to Head record, Lower team value at end of league placed higher and finally another match between the two teams going to extra time and sudden death.

Pitches Available (Home team decides)

  • Standard Human / Standard Orc x2
  • Winter Human / Winter Orc
  • Dark Elf
  • Undead
  • Skaven/Dwarf
  • Wood Elf

Useful Resources

Step by Step, how to throw a goblin

Models available for each team from Richard’s Collection

Little Army Designer for team Rosters

Blood Bowl ruler App on App Store (ios)

League Spreadsheet with rosters