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Ever fancy having painted miniatures for your games but can’t/don’t want to paint them? Holly Grove Miniatures can help!

I will paint your miniatures (and not just Games Workshop or Fantasy Flight miniatures – I can paint any reasonably sized tabletop miniatures) to bring a bit of sparkle to your games – get in touch for a quote and see if I can help.

The Small Print:

I’m not a fast painter! Painting is my hobby, not my job –  I have to fit painting in with work, kids and other typical life stuff – if you’re in a hurry for your minis Holly Grove Miniatures may not be for you! I reckon each 28mm miniature takes me on average 5 hours to paint from start to finish and I usually only get 3-4 hours a week to paint. If you’ve got a sizeable army it might take me a while to finish (I prefer working on smaller batches of miniatures rather than massive armies anyway).

The purpose of Holly Grove Miniatures is not for me to make a profit, merely for me to cover my costs. I like to think I provide a good standard of painting for a very reasonable price.

I work on a first come first served basis – if I’m already working on a project then I won’t start yours until I’ve finished the previous one.

As part of your commission I will keep you up to date as much as possible as to how I’m getting on by providing photos and updates as to how your miniature is progressing.

I’ll work with you to develop a colour scheme that suits you – whether that’s simply trying to replicate the box art or producing something truly individual to you.

I will look after your miniatures as if they were my own, taking care and attention of them. However, accidents do sometimes happen and I cannot be liable for damaged or destroyed miniatures.

Photographs of your miniatures will likely be taken to put on my website or social media for promotional purposes.

Holly Grove Miniatures is based in Menstrie, Scotland (near Stirling) – I can arrange to have your miniatures picked up if you live locally, otherwise you can arrange to have them posted to me

I won’t take payment until I’ve finished your miniatures and they are ready to send back to you – Payment is preferred through PayPal.

In the event of non-payment I reserve the right to sell your miniatures to recoup the cost of painting them. I hope never to have to implement this policy but I need to have some sort of protection in place. Thank you for your understanding.


Any questions please get in touch!