Price list

Typical 28/32mm miniatures

Process Cost per Miniature
Strip old paint from miniature using Dettol £1.50
Cut miniature from sprues and assemble using appropriate glue etc £1.50
Paint miniature to a good standard (includes priming, base-coating, shading and highlighting, basic basing with paint and matt varnish spray to protect them). Minimum of 5 hours work per miniature. 


Finishing touches (extra highlights, gloss varnish added where appropriate, more decorative bases – see Bases gallery  for examples of some available) 




Other sizes of miniatures – prices on request
Discounts available on units consisting of 6 or more models.
Postage back to you free for orders over £45
I am also able to paint models to a basic standard (minimum highlights) for a reduced price – please ask for a quote.