Dallas Uruk-Hai, Orc Bloodbowl Team

My latest project was to assemble and paint an orc Bloodbowl team for a friend for use in our fledgling bloodbowl league.

John’s favourite NFL team is the Dallas Cowboys and so I took inspiration from this to design a theme around the iconic white, silver and blue colours as well as incorporating the blue star logo.

I also started messing around with the iMovie app on my iphone and found the templates for trailers. After an evening of photography and button pushing I had the following.

The Dallas Uruk-hai

Now, I’m not one to blow my own trumpet but I’m very pleased how this turned out! The Models look great, the trailer was easy to produce and I think the end result is fun and exciting.

I used iMovie to make the trailer, just using the “adrenaline” template dropping in pictures and videos into the predetermined slots.

For the models themselves, I used Ulthuan Grey instead of white as a base coat for the armour (as if you use white for your basecoat you have nowhere to go for a highlight) and Kantor Blue for any cloth parts.

The Star logos were waterslide transfers that came from eBay. The numbers were unused transferred from the human bloodbowl team from the original core box set.

Looking forward to facing these guys in our league soon!